Abakus Takeout was a  premium clothing / sneaker boutique located in Chinatown, Philadelphia. The store used to be a Chinese restaurant that hung roasted ducks and pork on the window. The owners of Abakus bought that restaurant and kept the layout the same but upgraded the interior. Abakus hung fake roasted ducks and sneakers on the window instead of real roasted ducks and pork. The fitting room was a walk-in freezer with a painted pig hanging upside down  on the  wall. The store was very conceptual, the website laid out like a Chinese menu. Their branding was incredible but I noticed their gift cards were simply a card with an amount written on it. I decided to design some gift cards for Abakus that would fit their branding.


I wanted to design the gift cards that fit their branding more.  I played around with Chinese culture themes and  what the stores represents. I also designed a gift card cover which is based on the the Chinese New Year red envelopes.

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©36IX Chambers