Edmunds is a website that allow users to research new and used vehicles. They are able to see prices for a selected vehicle for car dealerships based on the users location. Edmunds also allow users to appraise their vehicle and see the value of  their car depending how the user would like to sell it.


This is part of Edmunds newest web experience, Edmunds Select. Edmunds decided to go with a Chatbot experience in this redesign. The Chatbot engages the user with questions and guides them to take action by selecting an item. The new redesign is also completely responsive, from desktop down to mobile devices. The style of the site was provided by the client as a part of their web style guide .


Edmunds appraisal page is a section of Edmunds that allow users to appraise their vehicle to a based on the vehicle's condition and mileage.  At the end of the flow, the user will be know how much they can sell their vehicle for to a dealership or privately.

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