Nike Skateboarding is one of Nike's newest division. They tried to produce skateboarding shoes with new designs that were clunky during the late 90's but they horribly failed since skateboarders didn't believe in corporate companies buying into skateboarding . Nike tried again in 2002 by releasing one of their older model, the Nike Dunk. Nike put more padding in the shoe for skateboarders and they were only sold at exclusive skate shops. Eventually Nike will collaborate with many skateboarding brands and solidify  their name into the skateboarding world. Nike SB was the only shoe that I skated with when I was younger, and it inspired me to appreciate each shoe as a piece of art. So I decided to create a pair of my own to pay tribute to Nike for inspiring me to look at objects a different way.


The concept that I came up with for my Nike SB tribute was called the Jurassic Dunk Low. My concept was inspired by a a raptor from the Jurassic time period.  The shoe would be made with green suede and a layer of washed out red suede underneath to imitate flesh. When skateboarders skate these shoes over time, the green suede would start tearing off and they will start seeing the red suede. The idea was to show battle scars on the shoe, just like how raptors show off their victories on their face.

©36IX Chambers






©36IX Chambers