One Coat Company is a start up paint company. I decided to create a logo for them since they were only using a typeface for their logo. I wanted the logo to look bold and have very symbolic look to it.   After creating the logo, I went on and created a paint collection for them so they can separate themselves from the competition that offered the same thing. I thought of a really conceptual collection and I designed the brochures and paint cans for this whole collection.


I designed a  paint collection for One Coat Company called the Oneiric Collection. Oneirology is the study of dreaming, its the process of analyzing dreams and meaning behind them.  The idea behind the Oneiric Collection is to make the consumer's dream become a reality by offering three sets of colors can make them feel like they are dreaming. The collection includes Enlightenment, Nightmares and Hallucinations. Enlightenment is a set of colors that are warm and bright that make you feel Zen at home. Nightmares are dark and eerie colors, it is for people that enjoy the dark and creepy mood. Hallucination are vibrant colors that makes your home feel like a dream world.

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