Jay Dee aka J.Dilla was one of the greatest hip-hop producers to ever live in. He passed away in 2006 due to a rare blood disease. He has produced music for Pharcyde, Common, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, and many more. After he passed away, many celebrities have been paying tribute to J.Dilla by how much he influenced them. The Roots and Dave Chappelle came together to pay tribute to the famous producer and his legacy in the hip-hop community. I decided to pay tribute to J.Dilla myself by creating a flyer for The Roots J.Dilla tribute.


When I was designing the flyer, I wanted the flyer to have iconic symbols of Jay Dee and The Roots. Which made me decided to go with Jay Dilla's silhouette from his Shining album cover and Questlove's silhouette with his iconic afro. I originally designed The Roots flyer  that served one purpose which was to promote the event. I thought the design can serve multiple purpose besides being a flyer. I repurposed the design into a t-shirt , back stage pass, lanyard, and  vinyl album cover. Making the whole event cohesively branded.

©36IX Chambers






©36IX Chambers