Ticketmaster is a web service that allows the users to purchase a huge variety of events based on their location.  Ticketmaster sells millions of tickets annually, and the users usually uses a really clutter website that is not aesthetically pleasing either. The users usually go to Ticketmaster and know what event they want already, they jump right to the search bar. They discover events by following their favorite artists through social media,  the discovery don't really happen on Ticketmaster. The proof of concept that I created for Ticketmaster was to allow users to sign-in  to Ticketmaster with Facebook and link their Apple Music or Spotify accounts. This will allow the users to follow their favorite artists on  Ticketmaster and it will also allow Ticketmaster to understand their users better by grabbing analytics of how many times they interacts with a certain artists. Ticketmaster will then understand what event to best recommend the user.


Making Ticketmaster  more visually appealing is a great win for the client  and having the ability to integrate social and music streaming accounts for better content for the user is a huge deal. One other way to separate Ticketmaster from their competitors is to offer a service that allows the users to discover events with friends. Usually event goers like to attend an event with friends or family,  and one of those event goers are liable of putting the group together, picking seats, buying tickets, finding hotels if its too far, who's driving, and parking when they arrive to the event. Also the one that buys the tickets will have to go through the hassle of collecting money from each individual eventually.


My idea for the new Ticketmaster is to allow users to create and save groups once the users are logged in through Facebook. They can invite Facebook friends to the group and Ticketmaster will recommend events based on everyone's interests from Facebook. The users will then vote on the events that they are interested in going to.




Ticketmaster's current event detail page is very lacking, the page only displays basic infos about the event and it doesn't recommend similar events if the users can not make it, which causes the user to  leave the site. I decided to improve the events detail page by using imagery that relates to the event more, Ticketmaster will use stock photos if the event do not have a tour photo. I also implemented 3rd party APIs to this page, which allows users to buy plane tickets, reserve hotels, parking, and setup Uber for pick up during the event right at checkout.  At the bottom I also created a social feed that allows users to post photos from the event while they are there or after to engage the users back to Ticketmaster after the event is over.

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